Duty cycle categories

For the purposes of this Recommendation the duty cycle is defined as the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of Σ(Ton)/(Tobs) where Ton is the 'on' time of a single transmitter device and Tobs is the observation period. Ton is measured in an observation frequency band (Fobs). Unless otherwise specified in the relevant Annex, Tobs is a continuous one hour period and Fobs is the applicable frequency band in the Annex of this Recommendation. For pre-programmed devices the maximum transmitter 'on' time limits are given in Table 20. These limits are advisory with a view to facilitating sharing between systems in the same frequency band.

Name Transmitting time / Full cycle Maximum transmitter "on" time (seconds) Maximum transmitter "off" time (seconds) Explanation
Very Low ≤0.1% 0.72 - For example, 5 transmissions of 0.72 seconds within one hour
Low ≤1.0% 3.6 - For example, 100 transmissions of 360 milliseconds within one hour
High ≤10% 36 - For example, 100 transmissions of 3.6 seconds within one hour
Very High Up to 100% - - Typically continuous transmission but also those with a duty cycle greater than 10%