ECC/ERC Decisions

ECC/DEC/(04)01 Short Range Devices for detection of Avalanche Victims
ECC/DEC/(04)03 The frequency band 77-81 GHz to be designated for the use of Automotive Short Range Radars
ECC/DEC/(04)08 The harmonised use of the 5 GHz frequency bands for the implementation of Wireless Access Systems including Radio Local Area Networks (WAS/RLANs)
ECC/DEC/(04)10 The frequency bands to be designated for the temporary introduction of Automotive Short Range Radars
ECC/DEC/(05)02 The use of the frequency band 169.4-169.8125 MHz
ECC/DEC/(06)04 The harmonised conditions for devices using Ultra-wideband (UWB) technology in bands below 10.6 GHz
ECC/DEC/(06)08 The conditions for use of the radio spectrum by Ground- and Wall- probing radar (GPR/WPR) imaging systems
ECC/DEC/(07)01 Building Material Analysis (BMA) devices using UWB technology
ECC/DEC/(08)01 The harmonised use of the 5875-5925 MHz frequency band for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
ECC/DEC/(09)01 The harmonised use of the 63-64 GHz frequency band for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)
ECC/DEC/(09)03 Harmonised conditions for Mobile/Fixed Communications Networks (MFCN) operating in the band 790-862 MHz
ECC/DEC/(11)02 Industrial Level Probing Radars (LPR) operating in frequency bands 6-8.5 GHz, 24.05-26.5 GHz, 57-64 GHz and 75-85 GHz
ECC/DEC/(11)03 The harmonised use of frequencies for Citizens? Band (CB) radio equipment
ECC/DEC/(12)03 The harmonised conditions for UWB applications onboard aircraft
ECC/DEC/(15)05 The harmonised frequency range 446.0-446.2 MHz, technical characteristics, exemption from individual licensing and free carriage and use of analogue and digital PMR 446 applications
ECC/DEC/(16)01 76-77 GHz, obstacle detection radars for rotorcraft use
ECC/REC/(11)09 UWB Location Tracking Systems TYPE 2 (LT2)
ECC/REC/(11)10 Location tracking application for emergency and disaster situations (LAES)
ERC/DEC/(01)11 Short Range Devices for Flying Model Control in 34.995-35.225 MHz
ERC/DEC/(01)12 Short Range Devices for Model Control in 40.665, 40.675, 40.685 and 40.695 MHz
ERC/DEC/(01)17 Harmonised frequencies, technical characteristics and exemption from individual licensing of Ultra Low Power Active Medical Implant (ULP-AMI) communication systems operating in the frequency band 401 - 406 MHz on a secondary basis
ERC/DEC/(94)03 The frequency band to be designated for the coordinated introduction of the Digital European Cordless Telecommunications system
ERC/DEC/(98)22 Exemption from Individual Licensing of DECT equipment